The five new museums that you should not miss

The new museums- Louvre Abu Dhabi

New Museums you must visit

The new museums shown below are a novel proposal in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which should be added to the list of pending.

1.-The new Louvre: Abu Dhabi

One of the new museums is in Abu Dhabi, it is not just a fun destination, since the inauguration of the new Louvre put it on the cultural map. The building is a jewel of the architect Jean Nouvel on Saadiyat Island (the Mecca of the Abudabi culture, where a Guggenheim is also projected, the Sheikh Zayed National Museum, by Norman Foster, and the Performing Arts Center, by Zaha Hadid). The new Louvre is distinguished by its steel dome, 180 meters in diameter, with a filigree design that lets light in. “Arab-galactic”, so I need ‘The New York Times’.

The weight of the dome is almost equal to that of the Eiffel Tower, but the biggest was the controversy and the millionaire payment that Abu Dabi made to France to be able to use the name of the Louvre for 30 years. In the next decade, while completing his collection, he will receive loans from a dozen French institutions such as the Musée d’Orsay and the Pompidou. The works of art are exhibited in 23 chronologically organized galleries, which range from prehistoric pieces to modern art creations.

Saadiyat Island. Open Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. Admission costs 63 dirhams ($ 17) and is purchased at the museum.

2.-YSL Museum: Marrakech (Morocco)

This is another of the new museums worth knowing, opened in an ocher facade building that covers about four thousand square meters and comprises a permanent exhibition space dedicated to honoring the work of the designer Yves Saint Laurent, a temporary exhibition hall , a library with more than 5,000 volumes, an auditorium, a bookshop and a cafeteria.

The French couturier fell in love with Marrakech in the mid-1960s, on his first trip, and since 1980 he established his second home there in the attractive Jardin Majorelle, along with his partner, Pierre Bergé. Made of terracotta and stone, ceramics and marbles, typically Maghrebi materials, the museum remembers the cubist sculptures and the textures of the fabrics that the designer used from his beginnings in the Dior house. The Sala Saint Laurent proposes a trip to the heart of its inspiration, with classics such as the Mondrian dress, the tuxedo and the Sahara jacket. There are 50 models that are articulated around themes such as ‘masculine-feminine’, ‘Africa and Morocco’ and ‘imaginary journeys’. To ensure conservation, the garments will be displayed on a rotating basis.

Rue Yves Saint Laurent, Marrakech. Open to visitors from 10 a. m. to 6 p. m., except for Wednesdays.

3.-Lego House: Billund (Denmark)

This is one of the new museums, with very unique characteristics. The famous bricks had several amusement parks, but not a museum. The Lego House, which fulfills this function, opened in the heart of Billund, the hometown of Lego. It is a large building constructed as a series of nine terraces superimposed over an area of ​​12,000 square meters. There are covered attractions and outdoor spaces: in total, some 25 million blocks spread over six areas of experience.

Masterpieces are exhibited in masterpieces made with these minijuguetes, and next to this is the company’s History Collection. The goal is for the visitor to sit inside a large house made of Lego. In the center of the set, the Lego Square (for which no entrance fee is required) allows you to play or eat something.

Ole Kirks Plads 1, Billund. Entry, 199 danish crowns (30 dollars) for adults, if purchased online, and 299 (46 dollars) in the place.

4.-Urban Nation Berlin (Germany)

The Schöneberg district of the German capital, favorite of the gay community but also known for its bars, restaurants and leisure activities, attended last September the opening of the first museum dedicated to the exhibition and study of ‘street art’, art contemporary urban

Of the new museums, this is defined as “The impossible museum”, summarizes its intentions from the facade: the two floors, with walls of seven meters high, are covered by large panels on which artists can make murals and graffiti, and that can be removed to keep inside the museum or exhibit in other parts of the city. Urban Nation has a library with more than 5,000 books donated by Martha Cooper, the American journalist who documented the birth of ‘street art’ in New York in the 70s.

Bülowstrasse 7, Berlin. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a. m. to 6 p. m. Free entrance.

5.-Thomas Dane Gallery: Naples (Italy)

The English gallery owner Thomas Dane represents several of the leading contemporary artists. His gallery is a London classic, and this year he decided to open other roads with a space in Naples, on the first floor of a nineteenth-century building in the Chiaia neighborhood. A neoclassical atmosphere dominates the five exhibition rooms of the new gallery, whose terrace overlooks Capri and the splendid Mediterranean coast. “Naples seems fascinating to me, and the same thing happens to many artists,” said Dane. It’s extraordinary, it feels like Europe, but more exotic. “

Listed as one of the interesting new museums, it opened with an exhibition of five artists: Bruce Conner, Steve McQueen, Catherine Opie, Caragh Thuring and Kelley Walker. It is very close to the Massimo Troisi stairs, a tribute to the protagonist of the film ‘Il postino’.

Via Francesco Crispi 69, first floor. Open to the public from Tuesday to Friday, from 11 a. m. to 7 p. m .; Saturdays, 12 m. to 7 p. m. Close to the Piazza Amedeo station.


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