Prague experience to never forget it

Prague experience to never forget it

The experience of Prague not to forget, this year celebrates 50 years of Spring and 100 of the independence of the country.

Any time of the year is perfect to travel and live in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, but this 2018 is ideal, as it will have a copious cultural agenda and events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its famous Spring (period of liberalization politics in that country) and 25 of its formation as a nation.

Although, the truth is that there is no need for pretexts to choose this destination. It is enough to know that its old city is a world heritage site and that, for many, it is the most beautiful city in the world to discover the magic, the wealth and the mystery that are lived along its streets, that count more than ten centuries of history

The capital of the Czech Republic hides many stories and characters that are not in vain among the 20 most visited cities in the world, according to the Index of Global Destination 2017, prepared by Mastercard.

Today we will share some experiences so that when you pass through this city, on the banks of the Vltava River, keep your memory alive.

A 360 ° turn in the Old Town Square

It is the appetizer and main course of the historic center, a world heritage site. It is enough to stop at any of its corners, stop and look slowly at what is happening to understand why more than 6.4 million tourists pass through there every year. Its large size and the filigree of the buildings that surround it speak of a medieval, Bohemian and Renaissance city.

Standing in the center of the square and turning 360 degrees is something that can not be avoided. This way you will see an architectural film that shows Gothic styles in the Church of Our Lady in front of the Týn and in the tower of the town hall, and Baroque in the Church of San Nicolás. And among them, Gothic and Renaissance houses that are restaurants and shops.

Astronomical clock, better at night

This work of art and science of the fifteenth century is a world heritage site. It is embedded in a wall of the town hall. The options are: go at night to see it calmly, in the tranquility of a city that sleeps, and sit in some of the bars or pizzerias that surround it to appreciate it second by second; or, in the day, join the crowds that crowd around to see every hour the animated figures of the twelve apostles and the astrolabe, showing the movement of the stars between the signs of the Zodiac. The apparatus, which conserves three quarters of its original pieces, was conceived from the hypothesis that the Earth is the center of the universe. Important warning: the famous watch was dismantled on January 8 for its restoration and can not be seen during the first semester of 2018.

Quietly and unhurriedly on Charles Bridge

Undoubtedly, the plan there is to walk its 516 meters and 10 meters slowly over and over and over again. Walking it is as pleasant as it is interesting. In that brief tour that joins the Old City with the Small City you feel a good part of the life and magic of Prague. Artists, painters, musicians, theathers, singers and travelers mingle in a symphony of colors and sensations. It is the oldest bridge, its construction began in 1357, with the approval of King Carlos IV, and was completed at the beginning of the 15th century. Its numbers: 16 arches, three towers, distributed between its two headers, and 30 statues located on the sides, most of Baroque style and made around 1700. Take pictures, enjoy the music, sit quietly to see the Vltava river, buy a small oil painting for 10 euros and engrave in your memory those iconic red roofs of the beautiful city.

 Be part of a medieval tale in Prague Castle

It is the largest medieval fortress in the world, so, for its interest and size, I suggest spending a full day visiting its courtyards, palaces, museum and gardens; while the history of this seat of Czech kings, emperors and presidents is known.

The visit begins in the monumental Gothic cathedral of San Vito. This year’s lucky travelers will appreciate the Crown Jewels of Bohemia, the oldest in Europe, as part of the celebration of the centenary of the creation of the independent nation of Czechoslovakia, in 1918.

And to feel the protagonist of a medieval tale, walk down the alley of Gold and Alchemy, where once alchemists met in search of the formula to create gold. Small houses, magic alleys and small windows show the interior of the rooms and the furniture of the time.

In Prague, the night is not for sleeping

On the agenda can not miss a night of black theater, that traditional silent show, on a black stage with light effects and sound (tickets from 20 euros). Another night will be dedicated to concerts on the street, in churches, in the castle or in old palaces, with very cheap tickets.

 One time to pray to the Infant Jesus of Prague

A time to pray and meditate always comes in handy. And what better than in the church of Santa Maria de la Victoria and San Antonio de Padua, where is the wax image of the Infant Jesus of Prague. After crossing the Charles Bridge you will be in the Malá Strandste neighborhood and you can walk through streets full of souvenir shops and restaurants until you reach Carmelita Street. The legend says that the image belonged to Saint Teresa of Jesus and is considered miraculous, especially among pregnant women. Do not forget to buy an image of El Niño, which will always be a good gift for someone.

The New City, built in the 14th century

Its main attraction is the Dancing House, designed by architects Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic in 1997. It has a similarity with a pair of dancers known as Ginger and Fred. It draws attention for its style, which is integrated with the rest of the old buildings in the area.

To try one of the best beers in the world

The Czechs are the biggest consumers of beer in the world. The annual consumption per capita is 160 liters. So nothing more rewarding than dedicating good minutes to try the Czech beers, which are pillner and pale lager type. Taverns, bars and restaurants offer their own creations and bottled ones. Anyone is a good choice.

 What should not be missed

Being recommended two of the most prominent: at the beginning of May, the most prestigious marathon in central Europe, which runs through the Old Town Square in the historic center of Prague.

At the end of October, Designblok, the most prestigious design event in Central Europe, takes place. The exhibitions are accompanied by fashion shows, jewelry exhibitions, clothing, furniture, home accessories, lights and industrial design and useful from the best Czech designers.

 When shopping, beware of local crafts

Small oil paintings that portray the streets and the most everyday scenes of the city are obtained directly with the artists who bet on the streets to sell their works

Do not stop buying one of the typical handmade puppets. The most advisable is to acquire them in stores specialized in these items. The figures of old people are the most classic. You will find them in different sizes and prices.

Now, Czech Republic

In April 2016, the rulers of the Czech Republic chose the Czech Republic as their official short name. “It is advisable to use this simplified name when it is not necessary to use the formal designation of the country, such as at sporting events or for promotional purposes,” they announced.


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