MBA in International Tourism Management

MBA in International Tourism Management

The MBA in International Tourism Management is a three-semester full-time course prompting an authority Master of Business Administration (MBA)- degree.

The program offers clever, entrepreneurial, creative and worldwide systems administration fitness.

This is accomplished by qualified showing staff, a global and various understudy body, a workforce which gives a one of a kind domain to scholarly trade, joint research joined with scholastic magnificence, commonsense introduction, and an in-organization temporary job. The course gives understudies an upper hand in securing a profession in the tourism business.


Tourism and its related business exercises have a place with the most vital components of the world economy. Shockingly, this is very thought little of on the grounds that the multifaceted nature of tourism does not take into consideration quantitative observation and genuine monetary significance.

Today the tourism business has turned into the world’s greatest manager. The nonsensical view of the tourism business, relating it to just relaxation travel, still impacts students` decision. Such projects ordinarily don’t pull in male understudies, as they don’t consider tourism as a productive or beneficial profession opportunity. They lean toward courses by and large business organization and administration. Nonetheless, in the present tight work showcase they can’t dodge the tourism area as a future business and soon thereafter they do not have a sound capability in tourism administration. As the flood of innovation driven change has cleared through numerous economies around the globe, the tourism business has a consistently expanding test to adjust to the change or to risk falling behind and enduring a possibly cataclysmic crumple. With a specific end goal to address the complexities in organizing the distinctive tourism-related businesses and to understand the need to overhaul aptitudes in this area, there is an interest for the change of instruction in this field.

Considering these elements, Bremen University of Applied Sciences has built up this authority MBA-course, which concentrates on tourism administration capabilities.

Center Emphases

Vital and agent advertising skills in tourism

Worldwide, intercultural and worldwide tourism administration

Affectability towards the tourism condition

Particular administration capabilities in tourism (e.g. venture administration, e-tourism, quality administration, operations administration)

Delicate abilities, for example, correspondence and intercultural skills

Key Features

Postgraduate course “Ace in International Tourism Management”

One-year full-time course

Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Worldwide instructors and understudies

Discretionary temporary position

Introduction week

German dialect course

Social exercises and get-togethers

Course Structure MBA

The MBA in International Tourism Management has 16 modules, which must be finished. Understudies remove an exam in 13 from the 16 modules. Addresses represent around 630 hours (see Modules and Credits). The modules include either 30 or 60 hours. Generally, one module is finished following two weeks. Classes are held in English. The discretionary temporary job should be possible in Germany or abroad. The understudies pick up credit focuses for their examination comes about as indicated by the ECTS framework (see general structure outline).

Course going with examinations must be performed on the other hand as takes after:

Directed composed exams

Oral exams

Class papers or introductions

The Master’s Examination comprises of:

The course going with exams

Ace proposition in addition to oral barrier

Course Content

Mandatory Modules

Modul 1 is a preamble to tourism science and theory at Masters level. Beside the theory and craft of tourism the module moreover focuses on practical learning and applications. Rational exercises and relevant examinations are joined into this bit of the module.

Intercultural Management consolidates “Culture and Cross-Cultural Management” where understudies will get some answers concerning the effect of culture in the workplace, concentrating on three levels of intercultural capacity: intercultural affectability, overhaul of finding out about various social orders and useful fitness change.

Overall Financial Management includes two fragments: “Overall Finance” and “Worldwide Accounting”. Upon productive summit of this course, understudies will have the ability to fathom and oversee critical issues in the cash related organization of overall associations and to apply methods used to manage danger in overall markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility intends to give understudies subject-connected with, methodological and moreover key capacities. Understudies should know and comprehend particular points of view and evaluations as for the essential topical foci ethics, supportability, and efficient change. In “Human Resource Management”, the understudies will be familiar with the organization of HR in an all inclusive setting.

In Tourism Marketing understudies pick up the capacity to purposely survey the future shape and course of tourism advancing; to examine key approachs and best-practices in such way, and to contemplate (with an investigation and judicious presentation) the progression and execution of centered key publicizing outlines.

After complete of International Legal and Tax Framework, understudies will have expanded principal data in all inclusive business law and the demonstration of complete of assentions and bargain in overall exchange. Understudies will have gotten a noteworthy comprehension into the obligation structures and broadened finding out about obligations most imperative to tries related with worldwide business, and can study evaluate related purposes of intrigue and disadvantages of different definitive archives, corporate strategies, and zone factors.

Key Planning fuses “Promoting Research” that engages understudies to explore data and apply truthful examinations and “Progression and Implementation of Strategy” after what understudies will have a solid appreciation of the most broadly perceived key organization approaches and furthermore their pros, cons, and confinements.

Overall Project Management tends to key models of wander organization, its possible fields of use and its relevance for the system change of the regard chain. Particular approachs and instruments of assignment organization and undertaking bunch activity are displayed before wander affiliation, arranging and controlling are analyzed in detail fusing Demand in Tourism.

Associated Project Management contains a bona fide logical examination including solitary scrutinizing and research, joint effort, class discoursed, presentations, portfolio trades of revelations. Assorted procedures and instruments of Project Management, Strategic Planning and Tourism Management will be associated with this bona fide tourism specific assignment.

The Master Thesis Seminar covers measures in insightful composed work, the limit of the Master Thesis inside the program setting, approaches to manage find a tasteful research question for the last proposition, enter issues and request concerning singular targets and employment masterminding, support with associations and business practice for forming the hypothesis, advancement of the proposition subject, approach to manage composing research, composing innovativeness issues and abstract robbery deals with, the arrangement a ridicule suggestion. Expert Thesis incorporates the understudies in extremely enrapturing in the examination or logical examination undertaking and making and settling the proposition paper.

The Internship fuses a 20-week passage level position work contract with an association or affiliation drew in with general or tourism business or activities.

Elective Courses

Contemporary Issues in Tourism

Worldwide Politics and Relations in Tourism

Activity Challenges

Usages of Business Strategies in E-Tourism and Tour Operation

Instructing Methods

The basic administer of the MBA in International Tourism Management is analyzing while in the meantime learning. The deliberate getting ready of specific and social capacities expect a key part. Classes are generally held as workshops. The speakers use particular methodologies for presentation, for example, discoursed among understudies, directed total work, examination of relevant investigations and wander work to ensure influencing comes to fruition.

Target Group

The postgraduate course MBA in International Tourism Management offers compulsory subjects only, all of which focus on the productive availability of future boss for the diverse endeavors inside overall tourism organization in an overall circumstance. Remembering the ultimate objective to address the complexities in arranging the particular tourism-related organizations and to fulfill the need to update capacities in this portion, getting ready ought to be gained ground.


The MTM-program gives understudies a careful change of managerial data and ace capacities specially designed especially towards the tourism division. The ability to be flexible and adaptable to changes is an essential need for survival. Executives ought to have the ability to accept accountability and to execute extraordinary and unequivocal exercises. This requires innovative and broad sorting out capacities. Thusly this regarded degree enables understudies to accept accountability of these movements effectively with mind blowing sureness and make use of the endless odds of tomorrow.

The inside parts of the MBA program cover the going with zones of abilities:

The ponder of tourism and its structures

Money related issues of tourism and its endeavors

Circumstances of tourism

Tourism ask

Key and operator advancing aptitudes in tourism

Worldwide and overall tourism organization

Specific organization abilities in tourism (a.o. wander organization, e-tourism, quality organization and process organization)

Publicizing research in tourism

Culture and cross-culture organization

Business approach and ethics


The MBA in International Tourism Management is done with the pro’s examination which is taken after two semesters. Understudies are required to form their master’s hypothesis toward the complete of the second semester when all modules have totally been secured. The proposition must be protected in an oral exam. If an understudy finishes an impermanent activity after the second semester the oral exam occurs after the third semester.

The general survey combines comes to fruition gained from exams in the midst of the course and furthermore the appraisal of the expert’s suggestion. Upon productive fulfillment of the course, understudies are conceded the level of “Expert of Business Administration (MBA)”.

Entry essentials

The general essentials for assertion are:

An insightful, business-related degree (unfastened male). For outside applicants: the course official needs to support the educational degree.

All things considered two years of convenient master involvement.

Check of a tolerable standard of English showed up by fitting assertions (A-level English course, TOEFL paper-based 560 concentrations, TOEFL PC based 220 concentrations, IELTS 6,0; elective: English test,


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